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Past December 7-8, 2021
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Early Childhood

For teachers and parents who care about the psychological comfort and health of the child, are interested in modern methods and technologies of education, taking into account preferences, potential and individual characteristics.

  • How to choose a method of early development for preschoolers.
  • How to create the right children's animation content, applications, platforms, without going beyond the boundaries of what is allowed.
  • How children do not lose themselves in the digital world and use the digital environment safely.
  • Social and emotional intelligence and other key skills of the XXI century.
  • How to tame digital technologies and turn gadgets into an accelerator of a child's abilities.
School Education

For employees of schools, gymnasiums and lyceums who strive to create an effective educational environment appropriate to the level of each student's development and interests.

  • How to implement a methodological approach following the technological transition based on the experience of 2020.
  • How to design individual educational trajectories that take into account the characteristics of each student.
  • How to select digital learning and management tools that are accessible and useful for administration, teachers and students.
  • The potential of new technologies in school — from artificial intelligence to voice assistants.
  • Revolutionary formats of school education in the post-covid era.
Higher Education

For university employees and managers who are looking for new models that meet the challenges of the time.

  • How to design educational programs in different formats, how much it costs and what resources are needed for this.
  • How to use online content, games and simulators and develop such tools on your own.
  • How to provide students with equal opportunities through personal trajectories and adaptive learning.
  • Public-private partnership opportunities — from enrollment, training and support to employment.
  • Evolution of models for obtaining and confirming knowledge: microcredentials, degrees, badges, certificates.
Corporate Education

For personnel development specialists in small companies and large corporations who prefer development to hunting.

  • The future of HR technologies and corporate training.
  • How to use digital tools to train employees, evaluate and consolidate new skills in the workplace.
  • How to choose and implement technologies for continuous professional development and competence development.
  • The impact of HR analytics on business decision-making.
  • How to create training content quickly.
  • How to teach employees to learn.

For representatives of EdTech companies that can offer breakthrough solutions to education system.

  • What is happening in EdTech: global and local trends.
  • How to scale a business without losing quality.
  • How to choose an effective business model and enter international markets.
  • How to attract investments and effectively invest them in different education systems — from preschool to continuing education.
  • Prospects and threats of public-private partnership.

Glocal Speakers

This year, you can meet more than 300 experts,
setting the agenda in the world education.

EdCrunch Glocal
Participation Formats

24/7 from any place in the world
Two days full of context on seven channels in parallel
  • Practical seminars, expert sessions, panel discussions and master classes within the framework of five tracks.
  • EdCrunch Stage — we discuss global issues of education and new technologies.
  • EdTech Cases — representatives of EdTech companies show how their solutions work in real life.
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Networking among
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All in one place without barriers: write to a speaker with a million subscribers, send a smiley face to the Minister of Education, find an investor from Silicon Valley and listen to the ideas of a young teacher from Voronezh.

Online breaks
EdCrunch Break

Educational breaks in the edutainment format. Inspiring stories, music, announcements and votes, blitz interviews with opinion leaders in education.

Online exhibition of
EdTech companies

Online exhibition of technologies and innovative solutions in education. Get to know EdTech products and their creators, enter into partnerships, and negotiate
with suppliers.

Prizes and gifts for
the most active participants

Watch events, chat in chats and ask questions. All this will help you earn experience and get prizes — from a Storytel subscription to a MacBook Air.

Awarding the winners
of competitions

EdCrunch Award is an online course competition.

EdCrunch Award Product is a competition for the best educational products.

GESAwards is an EdTech startup competition with a final in London.

In person at the
Rixos Almaty Hotel
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
EdCrunch Stage —
hall for 600 participants

Russian and international experts will share best practices, discuss global issues of education and new technologies. All in the format of panel discussions, battles and presentations.

Networking among speakers and participants

No barriers to communication. Meet in the networking areas on the site and communicate with the speakers during and after their performances.

Entertainment and educational program

Interactive lectures, performances of artists, theatrical productions are prepared for the participants.

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  • Discussion of
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What our speakers say
about the conference

Barbara Oakley
Oakland University

"I'm shocked with how interesting the environment is here. It is good to see how much excitement there is around creating great distance learning materials".

John O'Brien

"I was impressed with the conference. The way you bring together higher education, school, and government authorities. Other conferences usually have one thing only. It is great that you unite all these people".

Jordan Shapiro
Brookings Institution

"The most fascinating thing that happens between sessions is communication with each other".

Tim O’Reilly
O'Reilly Media Inc.

"The most interesting and exciting thing about EdCrunch is that it brings together people from all over the world. They are rooting for learning and creating a better future. Everyone has a great desire to explore what works, how to improve the situation".

Ben Nelson
Minerva Project

"The people gathering at the EdCrunch conference help me understand how the Russian system of higher education works and how to build into it".

Isak Frumin
Institute of Education HSE University

"You always come to the conference hoping that some interesting thought comes to your mind. If you have learned one new thing a day, it means that day was not in vain. So, today has not been wasted either".

Alexander Larianovsky

"EdCrunch brings together people who think about what education will be like tomorrow. The social graph that emerges after each EdCrunch is the most important thing worth coming for".

Andrey Lobanov

"It's crazy awesome that international experts come to EdCrunch and you can just chit-chat or have a coffee with them. The concentration of cool people per square meter is mind-blowing".

Andrey Sebrant

"An opportunity to sit down with someone and exchange impressions, whether it is a pure delight or a righteous indignation, a chance to go to lunch together. It is very important if you want to develop".

Artur Khachuyan
Tazeros Global Systems

"Previously, the speaker used to ensure 95% of the conference success. Now, it seems the rate is only 5-10%. Rarely do people come to listen to someone's brilliant idea. Everybody comes to meet like-minded people".

Maxim Spiridonov

"EdCrunch for me is an opportunity to see many people from very different fields of education, to feel their vibe and energy".

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