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Doris Korda

Chief Executive Officer, Korda Institute for Teaching, USA

Doris Korda leads Korda Institute for Teaching, transforming how teachers teach and students learn in schools all over the world. Korda Institute works with public and private K12 schools from the US to Kazakhstan to implement powerful new methods of teaching that empower students with skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Korda began her career as a systems engineer-turned-entrepreneur in the early tech industry with a history of turning newly developed technologies into successful and high growth businesses. Korda built a large-scale system for resource management at AT&T Bell Labs, then joined a small network business to create a new software business, resulting in Sterling Commerce, a $1B publicly traded software company.

Choosing education, Korda then spent 20+ years developing science-based methods for teaching using experimentation and testing with thousands of students in hundreds of classrooms and schools.

Korda started as a high school math teacher whose methods resulted in powerful learning outcomes in thousands of students. Korda then led change at Hawken School, where she created the Mastery School of Hawken, a new ungraded, problem- and project-based high school. Korda built a globally recognized entrepreneurship program and co-founded the Mastery Transcript Consortium, a network of schools that is seeking to change the high school transcript to show unique student strengths, abilities, and interests. She created Korda Institute to equip schools with the methods and processes to change to a new education model.

Korda has an MA from Columbia University, and her work has been featured in educational journals and news outlets such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

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