7 December, 09:00 - 09:30
Almaty, Rixos Hotel Almaty
  • Early childhood
  • School education
  • Higher education
  • Corporate training
  • EdTech
Conference opening
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The opening of the EdCrunch Glocal Conference: designing new educational experience with a secret speaker

Welcome to the international conference on new technologies in education EdCrunch Glocal: designing new educational experience. Our program is going to start off with an interactive performance that will stimulate all senses of our participants and will demonstrate how differently people take in the information from the outside world - each does it in a different way, marking the importance of Learning Experience Design concept in the modern world. A secret speaker will take part in the interactive performance. Who is it going to be - a poet, a musician, a spaceman, a developer or a sculptor? We will keep it a secret until the actual performance.

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7 December, 00:05 - 00:10
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7 December, 00:10 - 00:15
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