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23–24 November 2022, Almaty
In the Palace of Republic,
Hotel Kazakhstan
and Novotel Almaty
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anywhere in the world
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Educators from around the world join the conference
to learn something new, share their personal experience,
make a statement, find new clients, partners or like-minded people.
For whom EdCrunch Reload?
tutors, educators and parents preschool organisations and early childhood development centres
Schools, gymnasiums and lyceums staff members, teachers, designers and top management
Universities, colleges and technical schools heads of digital transformation
heads of Curriculum & Instruction Departments digital platform developers
Corporate heads of corporate universities HRDs L&D Specialists
Start-ups founders, instructional designers developers, analysts, product managers and marketing specialists
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Key Topics

From our speakers

Good anxiety

Anxiety in fact protects us and is crucial for surviving. There is more: people of all ages are capable of taking control over it and using it for their own benefit. Join us and learn how to experience less anxiety and use it as a source for developing talents and superpowers.

Neurodiversity in education

Every student is unique, yet the educational system strives to establish a certain standard. Imagine if you could employ cognitive technologies to discover the full potential of each of your students. Join our discussion on neurodiversity and learn why it plays a crucial role in education.

Emotions in work, studies and life

Suppressing emotions and bottling up feelings can endanger your health: both physically and psychologically. Emotional system has a substantial influence on the cognitive processes in humans: if you are trying to suppress emotions, it will be difficult for you to study, and if you are a teacher, your mood swings affect the student assessment process. Hacking the emotional intelligence will enable us to create a healthy, impartial and innovative world.

Speech recognition and reading skills

Speech recognition systems promote development of tools for audio-assisted reading that can be used both in the classroom and at home. In the nearest future literally every child regardless of level of income and life circumstances will be able to receive support for developing early literacy skills. Join the session and find out how we are going to employ these technologies and if they may negatively affect teachers or students.

Overcoming teachers burnout

The number of teachers quitting their jobs around the world is raising much concern. Many name emotional burnout among the reasons for quitting. Can a tea break over a muffin or classes on self-awareness save educators the disappointment? How we can make t the well-being of the staff a priority without missing the critical point?

AI advances

AI is being used by many universities. It should improve the students' performance and help them reach their potential. What is a perfect scenario for that? What failures we may face? What does the future hold for AI in HE?

Continuing education and progress at work

Professional retraining and advanced training is not a one-off task as the employees have to learn continuously. Yet it is hard to identify which new skills they will need. Creative approach may help in adequately identifying, assessing and developing skills for internal mobility.

Learning and earning in WEB3

Blockchain ensures a more flexible economy, and we are witnessing a launch of new educational models: “learn and earn”, when students can get cryptocurrency. Is this model going to be effective and can it really transfer the education system from preschool to K-12?

Parents vote for alternative education

It has been known for a while among parents, students and teachers that a one-for-all approach for the learning process is not enough. Today parents have more options than ever before. At the session we will discuss how parents can choose alternative education that completely meets the demands of their children.

Go beyond the textbook

If adults want to learn something new, they do not turn to a book for it. In other words, those who become lifelong learners use different sources of information: YouTube, blogs, podcasts, Wikipedia or TikTok. By incorporating 21st century media tools into the traditional learning materials, we will teach our kids critical thinking and ability to find necessary information on the Internet. This way they will enjoy the learning process.

Metaverse in higher ED

AR, VR and metaverse can open up new possibilities for the learning process of students. Join us and learn about the latest technologies that can reshape higher education and lead us to unexpected breakthroughs and effective teaching methods.

In-company training and video content

Educational courses are just a small part of the knowledge transfer system in corporations. 70% of learning happens during the working process. Therefore employees should be granted constant access to knowledge. Join us and learn how to efficiently integrate new training courses with employees and how to use video content that they create themselves.

Educational program standards: where to draw the line

High demand for lifelong learning and rapid transfer to online format have boosted the number of offers and providers in EdTech. What really makes a good educational program? Which metrics do we need to use and how?

SpeakersEdcrunch Reload

international experts from 25 countries
setting a global agenda of education
and digital technologies

Erbolat Dossaev

Akim of Almaty City, Kazakhstan

Sayasat Nurbek

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Beau Lotto

Professor of Neuroscience at University of London, Founder of the world’s first neuro-design studio Lab of Misfits, UK

Jared Cooney Horvath

Educational Neuroscientist, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, USA

Randy-Michael Testa

Associate Director, PreK-16 Programs in Professional Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA

Gauthier Van Malderen

Founder and CEO, Perlego, UK

Mohanna Azarmandi

Chief Learning Officer, Microsoft Germany, Germany

Raghav Himatsingka

Founder, Raising Superstars, India

Alice Keeler

Educator, Google Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, K12 Disrupter, and a Google Developer Expert, High School math teacher. Developer for Schoolytics.io, USA

Işıl Boy Ergül

Founder at ETZ, Aron Technology & TeacherX, Turkey

Robert Plomin

Professor of Behavioural Genetics, King's College London, UK

Marie Arsalidou

Founder of Neuropsylab, Adjunct Professor at York University, Canada

Yuli Tamir

President of Beit-Berl Teachers' Training College, Israel's Minister of Education (2006‒2009), Israel

Vyacheslav Dubynin

Doctor of biological sciences, Professor of the Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Faculty of Biology Lomonosov Moscow State University

Michell Zappa

Technology Futurist, Information Designer and Founder of Envisioning (a technology foresight institute), Portugal

Suzie Kagan

Founder and President, The Israeli Play Therapy Association, Israel

Yigal Rosen

Chief Academic Officer, BrainPOP, USA

Ken Shelton

Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, USA

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Conference tracks

Broad number of topics and ideas
distributed between six conference tracks

EdCrunch Stage

Find out more about learning and the brain. Discover the most trendy aspects of educational technologies today.

EdCrunch Stage is the heart of the conference and the source of inspirational presentations and discussions on learning and the brain.

Business Program. This track uncovers this year's conference theme “The merging of mind and technologies”. Speakers will embrace the present knowledge on neurobiology and technologies and teach the participants to transform the educational process, abandon the formal approaches and raise the engagement of students enhancing their learning experience.

Entertaining educational program. An entertaining educational program has been specially tailored for our participants to join every morning and evening: interactive formats, musical and dancing performances.

For whom. Suits all tastes: from parents to teachers and ministers.

Early childhood

Learn how to protect the mental well-being of your kids, nurture their intelligence with innovative approaches, methods and technologies.

Business program. Join the discussion on learning and development issues of young children from an education and neurobiology perspective. The speakers will share their insights on how to teach children express their emotions, communicate in the era of social media and boost their natural abilities with the help of technologies. Learn about the latest scientific discoveries and exciting educational experiences.

What to expect. The program of the track will be distributed between two halls: the first hall will have lively discussion, inspirational presentations and keynote speeches, and the second: practical sessions and workshops. The track features speakers from different fields: pediatric neurophysiologists, game practitioners and kinesiologists.

For whom. The program is aimed at parents, preschool teachers, teachers, members of preschool organisations and child development centers staff, innovators and edtech product developers.

School education

Learn how to use digital technologies in the classroom and engage students by surrounding them with creativity.

Agenda. Join our discussion on the transformation of school education in the new era of innovation: what is happening with the management and implementation of educational programs

Learn how to integrate modern technologies into the best traditional aspects of classroom teaching for better outcome based on the science of learning. We will demonstrate how to create a motivating learning experience for students.

What to expect. Two halls will be dedicated to the track with the sessions held simultaneously: the first hall will have lively discussion, inspirational presentations and keynote speeches, and the second: practical sessions and workshops. This track features practitioner-teachers, heads of innovative schools, ergo (OT) practitioners, neurophysiologists, innovators from Apple, Google and Microsoft and instructional designers.

For whom. The agenda of the track is aimed at teachers, instructional designers, heads of schools, extended education centers staff, digital platform and content developers.

Higher education

Discover different cases, tools and algorithms for integrating digital technologies in higher education.

What to expect. Two halls will be dedicated to the track with the sessions held simultaneously: the first hall will have lively discussion, inspirational presentations from higher education leaders and keynote speeches, and the second: practical sessions and workshops.

Agenda. Find out what is happening in higher education right now and how the universities can keep up with the competition for students. Learn how to adapt to the changes brought by the digital era: AR/VR, meta verse, AI and online education.

Join our discussion on strategies for effective support of students skill development and the importance of LMS, LXP and ILP for promoting personalized learning. Discover how you can blend conventional approaches with new educational formats and what is the role of blockchain in all this.

For whom. The agenda of the track is tailored specially for heads of digital transformation, directors of learning and teaching centers and online learning centers, digital platform developers and instructional designers, authors of online courses and education data analysts.

Corporate training

A space for corporate L&D practitioners. Learn about new tools, trends and best practices of corporate training.

What to expect. International experts will share their vision on the future of technologies in corporate training. Managers from top companies will present cases and hands-on tools.

Agenda. Join our discussion on training methods with a focus on the needs and individual characteristics of each employee. We will touch upon the latest innovative tools on how to prove, assess and develop skills of your employees.

Get the tips on how and where to look for the latest technologies in talent development, how to test and assess tools. Find out how to engage employees into the training process and sustain their physical and mental well-being.

For whom. The track agenda is aimed at HRDs and L&D specialists, heads of corporate universities, software developers working on platforms and apps for corporate education.


A space for hands-on advice, successful cases and exchange of experience from the leading EdTech start-ups.

What to expect. Participants will have a chance to personally meet educational innovators, learn about venture investment in EdTech and talk to the founders of well-known start-ups.

Agenda. Find more about all stages of company evolution: from estimating market opportunities to IPO. Learn how to define target audience needs, raise funds, make a team and estimate the project potential from the start.

Discover the trends, tendencies and fast-growing technologies in the educational field: meta verse, blockchain, Web 3.0. and NFT. Find out how you can improve learning results and what measurements are significant to evaluate the quality of your service.

For whom. The agenda has been tailored for IT specialists and EdTech companies, start-ups and their founders, instructional designers, developers, analysts, investors, product and marketing managers.

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What happened
at EdCrunch Reload

Nothing but up-to-date information and valuable networking — 5000 participants, 350 speakers,
50 exhibits from 1000 companies, 100 Media members

200 expert sessions, panel discussions and workshops
As part of the six tracks: EdCrunch Stage, early childhood, school education, higher education, corporate training, EdTech.
EdCrunch Night
At the end of each day there is an evening entertaining educational program. Brilliant ideas of modern art united with education.
EdTech Cases
Open stage for presenting EdTech start-ups and their business cases.
Futuristic zones and
Which impress with actual art, bold architecture, and light design.
Edcrunch Expo
An interactive exhibition where you can get acquainted with new products and their creators. And also to hold meetings, sign contracts, find partners and suppliers.
Mentorship Program
Relevant and specific tactical tips from the speakers. Individually for a participant or a group of colleagues.
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"I'm shocked with how interesting the environment is here. It is good to see how much excitement there is around creating great distance learning materials".
Barbara Oakley Oakland University
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"I was impressed with the conference. The way you bring together higher education, school, and government authorities. Other conferences usually have one thing only. It is great that you unite all these people".
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"The most fascinating thing that happens between sessions is communication with each other".
Jordan Shapiro Brookings Institution
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"The most interesting and exciting thing about EdCrunch is that it brings together people from all over the world. They are rooting for learning and creating a better future. Everyone has a great desire to explore what works, how to improve the situation".
Tim O’Reilly O'Reilly Media Inc.
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"The people gathering at the EdCrunch conference help me understand how the Russian system of higher education works and how to build into it".
Ben Nelson Minerva Project
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"You always come to the conference hoping that some interesting thought comes to your mind. If you have learned one new thing a day, it means that day was not in vain. So, today has not been wasted either".
Isak Frumin Institute of Education HSE University
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"EdCrunch brings together people who think about what education will be like tomorrow. The social graph that emerges after each EdCrunch is the most important thing worth coming for".
Alexander Larianovsky Skyeng
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"It's crazy awesome that international experts come to EdCrunch and you can just chit-chat or have a coffee with them. The concentration of cool people per square meter is mind-blowing".
Andrey Lobanov Algorythmics
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"An opportunity to sit down with someone and exchange impressions, whether it is a pure delight or a righteous indignation, a chance to go to lunch together. It is very important if you want to develop".
Andrey Sebrant Yandex
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"Previously, the speaker used to ensure 95% of the conference success. Now, it seems the rate is only 5-10%. Rarely do people come to listen to someone's brilliant idea. Everybody comes to meet like-minded people".
Artur Khachuyan Tazeros Global Systems
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"EdCrunch for me is an opportunity to see many people from very different fields of education, to feel their vibe and energy".
Maxim Spiridonov Netology
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