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For seven years in a row Europe's largest conference on new education technologies
gathers the brightest stars in education and EdTech industry from all over the world.


Last year EdCrunch was held online for the first time and brought together
14 000 participants
and 500 speakers from 60 countries on its interactive platform.

  • 14 000
  • 500
  • 60

EdCrunch 2021 is going even more global. For the first time in eight years, the conference will be held on three venues:

  • Russia, Skolkovo
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Online-platform

EdCrunch will be hosted by two EdTech clusters: "Skolkovo" innovation centre and the city of Almaty — the center of business activity in Kazakhstan.


Conference location — Russia

"Skolkovo" innovation center is one of the most famous global science parks — a dream for many digital enthusiasts.

Guests of the Innovation Center will have a wonderful opportunity to experience the atmosphere in which hundreds of startups known far beyond Russia were born, and will get a chance to meet their creators in person.

Being one of the most promising global EdTech clusters, Skolkovo is an ideal platform to experience sharing, networking and learning about new educational technologies and products.

Conference location — Kazakhstan

Almaty is officially one of the most promising centers of digital and creative technology development — embrace this opportunity to personally witness the potential of this city, network with the brightest EdTech community members, open new markets and opportunities.

Kazakhstan is known as the bridge between Europe and Asia — get a chance to feel the mesmerizing effect of the blend of two cultures, which can be seen in every detail.

The venue for EdCrunch 2021 in Almaty will be announced soon.

Our speakers about
the conference

"I'm shocked with how interesting the environment is here. It is good to see how much excitement there is around creating great distance learning materials".

"I was impressed with the conference. The way you bring together higher education, school, and government authorities. Other conferences usually have one thing only. It is great that you unite all these people".

"The most fascinating thing that happens between sessions is communication with each other".

"The most interesting and exciting thing about EdCrunch is that it brings together people from all over the world. They are rooting for learning and creating a better future. Everyone has a great desire to explore what works, how to improve the situation".

"The people gathering at the EdCrunch conference help me understand how the Russian system of higher education works and how to build into it".

"You always come to the conference hoping that some interesting thought comes to your mind. If you have learned one new thing a day, it means that day was not in vain. So, today has not been wasted either".

"EdCrunch brings together people who think about what education will be like tomorrow. The social graph that emerges after each EdCrunch is the most important thing worth coming for".

"It's crazy awesome that international experts come to EdCrunch and you can just chit-chat or have a coffee with them. The concentration of cool people per square meter is mind-blowing".

"An opportunity to sit down with someone and exchange impressions, whether it is a pure delight or a righteous indignation, a chance to go to lunch together. It is very important if you want to develop".

"Previously, the speaker used to ensure 95% of the conference success. Now, it seems the rate is only 5-10%. Rarely do people come to listen to someone's brilliant idea. Everybody comes to meet like-minded people".

"EdCrunch for me is an opportunity to see many people from very different fields of education, to feel their vibe and energy".


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