Questions and answers

General Issues
  • In what format and where will the EdCrunch Glocal conference be held?

    December 7‒8, 2021 — in person at the (050012, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Saken Seyfullin Avenue 506) and online on the edcrunch.online interactive platform, to which participants can connect from anywhere in the world.

    Special studios for online broadcasting will be organized for the speakers in Moscow at the EVENT HALL "InfoProstranstvo" (119034, Russian Federation, Moscow, 1st Zachatievsky Lane, 4).

    How to attend the conference in person?
    If you are a citizen of Kazakhstan, you need a QR code in the Ashyq application with a safe green status.
    If you are a Russian citizen, you need a PCR test done no earlier than 72 hours before the start of the conference.

  • What if it is impossible to gather for face-to-face events?

    Then you will automatically become an online participant, and we will refund you the difference between the cost of a in-person ticket and the original cost of online ticket in the way you made the payment.

  • How many people will take part in the conference?

    The planned number of participants at the venues in Almaty is 1250 people, online — 20,000 people.

  • What special events and additional activities take place within the framework of the conference?

    Under the auspices of EdCrunch, the GESAwards technology startup competition, the EdCrunch Award open online course competition and the EdCrunch Product competition for the best technology products in the field of education are held. Details can be found in the "Contests" section on the conference website.

    Developers of new technologies and innovative solutions in education can become participants of the online exhibition of EdTech companies, which is held annually as part of the EdCrunch conference. You can get acquainted with the list of participants in the "Exhibition" section on the conference website.

  • What program is planned?

    Participants can attend 150 speeches, meet 400 speakers from 25 countries on 5 tracks (early development, school education, higher education, corporate training, EdTech), a morning and evening entertainment and educational program, presentations by representatives of EdTech companies with cases, online EdCrunch Break breaks.

  • In what languages will the conference be held in person and online?

    Every speaker will speak in his/her native language at the in-person venue in Almaty and from online studios in Moscow. All in-person participants will be able to take devices for simultaneous translation devices into Russian, Kazakh and English. In the broadcast players of each channel, you can choose Russian, Kazakh or English. The online platform of the conference will also work in all three languages.

  • Will all the speakers' speeches be broadcast live or will some of them be recorded?

    There will be no pre-recorded performances. All online speakers will do it in a live broadcas.

  • For how long video recordings of the conference will be available?

    Recordings of all sessions in three languages will be available on the edcrunch.online platform for all participants throughout the year.

  • Will it be possible to purchase access to the conference recordings after its completion?

    It will be possible to buy access to the online platform after the conference, but it will cost more than now.

Infrastructure of Almaty
  • Where to stay?
    Premium Hotels

    Rixos Almaty is a luxurious five-star hotel located in the heart of Almaty. Rixos is an example of a combination of cozy rooms, impeccable service, traditional oriental hospitality and attentive attitude to each guest.

    Ritz-Carlton Almaty is an example of an organic combination of the city's history and architecture with modern and high-tech design. In addition to staying in comfortable rooms, hotel guests can enjoy a beautiful panorama from the highest viewing point in all of Central Asia.

    Dostyk Hotel is the first national hotel brand of the 5 stars category. It is believed that it preserves the spirit of old Almaty. Being a legally protected architectural monument, the hotel has become the personification of comfort, silence and a special relaxing atmosphere.

    Middle Class Hotels

    Holiday Inn is ideal for both tourists and those who have come on business, as it is located near both the financial center of the city and the main attractions. The design and equipment of all rooms of the hotel will be able to provide maximum comfort to even the most demanding guests.

    DoubleTree by Hilton Almaty is a modern hotel in which great importance is attached to every detail. The rooms have everything you need. An additional bonus is a restobar on the 11th floor with a 360-degree panoramic view.


    Wanderlust is located in Almaty, 16 km from the Medeu sports complex and 200 m from the Ascension Cathedral. Other facilities offered at the property include a shared lounge area, a tour desk and luggage storage.

    «Edelweiss» is ideal for lovers of mountain scenery and active pastime. Surrounded by forest and mountains, it offers comfortable accommodation in a cozy atmosphere and a high level of service. The Medeu Alpine Sports Complex is just a 5-minute drive away, and the Cimbulak Ski Resort is 17 minutes away.

    L.E.S. Business Hostel is positioned as a business hostel for those who appreciate comfort for reasonable money. It is located in the administrative center of the city and offers its guests not only comfortable rooms, but also meeting rooms, conference rooms, offices and 24-hour reception.

  • What to see?

    Kok Tobe includes a cable car and park area. This is one of the main symbols of the city. Kok Tobe Park, located at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, a 5-minute drive from the city center, is a popular place for romantic dates and family walks. From the city center it can be reached by car very fast, but it is much more interesting to ride the famous cable car, admiring the breathtaking views of the city. From the top of the mountain you can see not only urban landscapes, but also panoramas of the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau. On the top of the mountain there is a TV tower — another famous symbol of the city, which can often be seen in photos and postcards. The TV tower is one of the tallest in the world, its height is 371.5 meters.

    Medeu Complex is located on the border of the city of Almaty at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level. There is everything here to spend unforgettable moments: clean air, bright sun, a fascinating view from the dam to a high-altitude skating rink and beautiful mountain landscapes. It is worth trying your hand at the famous "Health Ladder" of 842 legendary steps. Not everyone succeeds in conquering them the first time, but you will never forget the pleasure you have received.

    Shymbulak Resort is unique in its location: in just an hour you can get from the center of Almaty to its top point using vehicles and a cable car. Agree, it is truly amazing to drink a cup of fragrant coffee in the highest (3200 meters above sea level) CIS bar surrounded by snowy peaks. It is sunny here almost 300 days a year, nevertheless, snow can be found here even in the 30-degree July heat. The alpine resort is a favorite place of active recreation for Almaty residents and guests of the southern capital for a reason — there are 20 kilometers of world-class trails waiting for lovers of skiing and snowboarding. For those who want to live in the mountain silence and admire the snowy slopes, the resort offers high-class hotels.

    The pedestrian zone on Zhibek Zholy — Panfilov Street is an island of leisurely walks in the city center. Since the middle of the XIX century, this street has been one of the key places in the life of the city of Verniy (the old name of Almaty). In Soviet times, this Arbat, as it is popularly called, was the center of youth meetings, the heart of all city events and a favorite walking area for weekends. After the reconstruction of Panfilov Street, which is now a route for pedestrians, Arbat has gained a second wind — at any time and in any weather you can meet strolling Almaty residents and guests of the city. Here you will not be bored, Arbat knows how to surprise for real.

    The Museum of Folk Musical Instruments will give an amazing opportunity to hear Kazakh national melodies, see authentic musical instruments and even try yourself as a conductor of a virtual orchestra. In addition, in the museum you will find musical instruments of our closest neighbors: Kyrgyz, Mongols, Uzbeks. The permanent exhibition presents only a small part of the fund — 297 exhibits out of 2000 available. There are more than 40 types and varieties of musical instruments in the collection, and along with ancient exhibits there are also achievements of the latest technologies — holographic guides, maytables with information, a music library with music of different times and peoples. No less attention is attracted by the museum building itself, which dates back to 1908. This is one of the few buildings that have survived from the time of the city of Verniy. Its architectural style can be called a classic of ancient Russian architecture.

    The Park named after 28 Panfilov Guards and the Ascension Cathedral are located in the historical center of the city. The park is named after 28 hero soldiers of the Panfilov Division, who single-handedly stopped the offensive of fascist tanks on Moscow in 1941. On the park grounds you can see the monument to the Panfilov heroes and the Eternal Flame. People come here to pay tribute to the memory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War. Also the famous Ascension Cathedral is located in the park. The temple was built in 1907 and worked for its intended purpose only for the first 20 years. In 1995, it was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church. An amazing feature of this building is its earthquake resistance, which was an architectural breakthrough for that time, because it survived the devastating earthquake of 1911. The building is included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of Kazakhstan.

    The Central State Museum covers the history of Kazakhstan from prehistoric times to the present day. The collection has over 300 thousand exhibits. This museum is the most visited in the Republic. 130,000 people come here every year, about 100 lectures on various topics, more than 30 exhibitions and cultural and educational programs are regularly held here.

  • Where to eat?

    ABAY Restaurant is a national Kazakh restaurant located on the Kok Tobe mountain in one of the most beautiful and amazing places in Almaty at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, with a beautiful view of the city and snow-capped peaks. The hall of the restaurant is made in the form of a yurt and decorated in the best Kazakh traditions with national motifs. In the restaurant you can try and appreciate the excellent dishes of Kazakh cuisine, from well-known national dishes to traditional snacks.

    Navat Teahouse is the world and mystery of famous Oriental hospitality. The interior details convey the national flavor with its centuries-old traditions, and the atmosphere is filled with anticipation of gastronomic pleasure from the smells of exquisite dishes.

    Svet Restaurant is a new conceptual place in the heart of old Almaty with a unique atmosphere, exquisite cuisine and professional service.

    La Barca Restaurant is a fish restaurant with a rich selection of chilled wild fish, seafood and wine. Deliveries of the best products from Europe are carried out several times a week.

    Korean House Restaurant is located in close proximity to the central park of Almaty in a picturesque area of the old city. Along with Korean cuisine, the restaurant is pleased to offer you dishes of national, European, Oriental and Pan-Asian cuisine.

    Pech Restaurant is one more favorite meeting place for modern citizens with a taste for life. Large two-ton round oven morello forni from Italy, hand-painted makes the basis of cuisine. Most of the restaurant's dishes are prepared in the oven, the special temperature regime of which allows you to simmer, bake and cook. All this provides a variety of flavors and flavors of cooked food.

    FLASK Coffee is a small cozy coffee shop in the area of the golden square, where you can try coffee according to alternative recipes. The coffee shop appreciates speciality coffee and prepares drinks from arabica beans of the highest quality.

    Bowler Coffee is an atmospheric and cozy European-style coffee shop. The coffee shop is known for its Dutch cuisine and Danish waffles. An ideal place to discuss group projects over a cup of coffee.

    Barmaglot Bar is an innovative bar that breaks the patterns of the familiar. The bar serves cocktails with the most unexpected mixes. Here people get acquainted, communicate, fall in love, have fun and relax their souls. In a sense, it is a whole world with its own philosophy.

    Craft Kitchen & Bar is a new concept offering high-quality selected food and delicious cocktails. The bar is famous for its extensive wine list and rare beers from around the world.

  • What tariffs are offered for participation in the EdCrunch Glocal conference?

    • 2 days of online participation and a certificate of participation;
    • 2 days of online participation for representatives of state educational organizations;
    • 2 days of in person participation with access to the edcrunch.online interactive platform and a certificate of participation;
    • 2 days of in person participation with access to the edcrunch.online interactive platform for representatives of state educational organizations.

  • Will I be able to sign a travel certificate at the conference venues?

    Yes, special zones will be organized at the sites, you can check their location at the reception. These zones will be available for both speakers and participants at venues in Almaty and Moscow.

  • Do you have any promo?

    Come with colleagues — it's cheaper! When ordering three tickets of the same fare, a 15% discount applies.

  • If I bought one ticket and now I want to buy a second one, can I get a discount?

    Unfortunately, no. The discount is valid only for a one-time purchase of three tickets at the same fare. The system cannot charge a discount when buying tickets at different times or for different types of tickets.

  • How can I change the information in the ticket?

    Write from the mail you used to buy the ticket to ticket@edcrunch.ru. Tell us what needs to be fixed. We will contact you within a few days and help you with changing the information.

  • Is it possible to transfer the ticket to another person?

    This can be done no later than 10 calendar days before the start of the conference. Send a request from the mail you used to buy the ticket to ticket@edcrunch.ru. Describe in detail, indicating all the data for whom you need to re-register your ticket. It's free.

  • Is it possible to return the ticket if I can't come?

    To return the ticket, write an email to ticket@edcrunch.ru from the email address that was specified when buying the ticket.

    The letter must contain the buyer's full name, phone number and the reason for the return. If the buyer paid for several tickets, then specify the full name of the ticket owner to be returned. In the subject of the email, specify "Refund". The money for the ticket is returned the way it was deposited: if you paid by credit card, the amount will be returned to the credit card, if you made a bank transfer, the money will be returned to your bank account. Depending on the payment method, the refund may take up to 10 days.

    Refund of the ticket price is carried out no later than 10 calendar days before the date of the event.

Payment Methods
  • How can I pay with a bank card?

    Add the required number of tickets to the cart. Fill in the details of the participants for each ticket purchased. If you have a promo code, apply it to get a discount. Accept the terms of the offer agreement and click "Continue".

    Enter the payer's details, familiarize yourself with the payment rules, payment security and confidentiality of information and click "Pay". Payment is protected by 3D Secure technology. When your payment is done, you will receive information about successful ticket issuing, a link to your ticket and a payment receipt to the email address that you specified in the payer's details.

    Information for entering your personal account on the edcrunch.online interactive platform will be sent to the e-mail addresses specified during the ticketing process.

    Please check that the letter has come to you. If you do not receive it within 10 minutes, write to the support chat in the lower right corner of the site or to support@edcrunch.ru.

    Please note that when buying multiple tickets, you must enter the correct data of all participants:
    • full names will be exactly transferred to the profiles of participants on the platform and to electronic certificates;
    • email will be used to log in to personal account, access conference materials after the event, participant certificate and other functions.

  • What is the payment procedure for legal entities?

    Add the required number of tickets to the cart. Fill in the details of the participants for each ticket purchased. If you have a promo code, apply it to get a discount. Accept the terms of the offer agreement and click "Continue".

    Enter the payer's details, familiarize yourself with the payment rules, payment security and confidentiality of information and click "Pay according to the invoice contract".

    Payment for participation through a legal entity is available in two ways:
    • Payment by invoice contract. Fill in the details of the legal entity acting as the payer and click "Send". An invoice contract in the offer format will be sent to the email address specified as the payer, which must be paid. After payment, you will receive a ticket by mail, and closing documents (an act and an invoice). This option is suitable for Russian and Kazakh legal entities.
    • Payment under the contract. Send the details of your organization, information on the selected fare and the number of tickets to the mail support@edcrunch.ru. You can also specify all the nuances when concluding contracts in your organization or send an agreed contract template with legal entities. After agreeing and signing the contract, we will issue an invoice that needs to be paid. After payment, you will receive a ticket and a closing document by mail. This option is suitable for Russian, Kazakh and foreign legal entities.

    Information for entering your personal account on the edcrunch.online interactive platform will be sent to the email addresses specified during the ticketing process.

    Please check that the letter has come to you. If you do not receive it within 10 minutes, write to the support chat in the lower right corner of the site or to support@edcrunch.ru.

  • How do I get a letter of justification for the employer?

    If the decision to participate in the EdCrunch Glocal conference depends on your employer, use the letter of justification for the employer.

  • What if the payment fails?

    A payment error may occur if you incorrectly entered the data specified on the bank card, there are not enough funds on it, or for other reasons. Check the details and try to make a payment. If the error persists, contact your bank or use another card as an alternative way of payment.

Documents and Certificates
  • Where can I find the purchased ticket?

    Immediately after the purchase, you will receive a payment confirmation and a link to your e-ticket to the specified email address. The e-ticket can also be checked and downloaded in your personal account on the edcrunch.online online platform.

  • How do I get a certificate of participation?

    Within two weeks after the end of the EdCrunch Glocal conference, you can find it in your personal account on the online platform of the conference. The certificate can be downloaded in PDF format.

    Please note that in order for your personal information to be displayed correctly in the certificate, you must fill out a profile in your personal account.

    Certificate of participation will is available only when purchasing a paid ticket to the EdCrunch Glocal conference in the online and in-person categories.

Access and Login to the Online Platform
  • What should I do if I didn't get or forgot access to the platform?

    Use one of the solutions:
    • After buying a ticket, we sent an email with a login and password to log in to the specified email address. Please check the mailing lists and Spam folders, the email could have got there.
    • Use the "Password Recovery" function in the authorization form. A link for password recovery will be sent to the email address specified during registration. If the email has not arrived, we also recommend checking the Spam folder.
    • If these methods did not work, contact technical support with the help of an online consultant on the website or by phone 8 (499) 495-35-16 or email help@edcrunch.ru.

  • How to get to the online platform of the conference?

    On the conference website, click on the "Log in" button in the upper right corner — the login window to the platform will appear. If you do not have an account yet, you must first issue a ticket — buy at a suitable tariff or get a free quota for representatives of state educational organizations. After that, the data for logging in to the online platform will be sent to the mail. At the first entrance, each participant proceeds the registration process (onboarding), which introduces the functions of the online platform and helps fill out the participant's profile.

  • Is it possible to log in to the online platform without buying a ticket?

    Yes, you can! But you will get limited functionality without access to view the EdCrunch Global conference. In order to get full access to the capabilities of the online platform, it is necessary to issue a ticket — buy it at a suitable tariff or get a free quota for representatives of state educational organizations.

  • What is onboarding and why should I fill out a personal profile?

    In the process of onboarding, the participant selects interesting areas of the conference, provides professional information about himself/herself, selects topics and indicates expectations from participation. Based on this data, personal recommendations are formed — which events to pay attention to and which participants to meet.

  • What can be done on the conference online platform during the year?

    The data of each participant with quick access to the key blocks of the personal account are presented on the main dashboard of the participant's personal account. It stores the history of participation in the conference or other EdCrunch projects, as well as announcements of future events. During the year the participant has quick access to the media library, certificates, tickets, selected contacts, and networking. Assessing privacy settings and editing of a personal profile has no time limits.

  • What else can be done on the platform during the conference?

    From the main dashboard of the personal account, the participant can get to the conference page, where key information about the event is displayed. You can see the program, speakers, online exhibition of EdTech companies, prizes and gifts, discounts, use keyword search and more. On the conference page, a participant can create an individual schedule, watch speeches and ask questions to speakers, communicate with other participants in general chats and personal correspondence, receive reminders about the beginning of reports and recommendations on the program based on his/her interests.

  • What else does the conference page include?

    Channels — 7 parallel streams: Early Development, School Education, Higher Education, Corporate Training, EdTech, EdCrunch Stage and EdTech Cases.

    Information on purchased tickets with the possibility to print, download or buy another ticket. If the user does not have a ticket, he will not get to the conference page.

    A block with a participant certificate with the possibility to download.

    A program of recommended activities based on the interests of a personal profile. The time of the events is displayed according to the time zone of the participant's location. By clicking, the user can go to the page of each event and see detailed information: name, description, speakers. The user can add to the individual schedule several sessions conducted at the same time.

    The ID of the participant's activity in the form of a progress bar, which grows when viewing events, chatting, questions to speakers, etc.

    Badges of achievements that a participant can receive for performing actions on an online platform. For example, for a long stay on an online platform, activity in chat rooms, questions to speakers, communication with participants, filling out an individual schedule, communication with representatives of an online exhibition and much more.

    Blocks with recommendations from relevant participants and EdTech companies. You can add participants to your favorite contact list, also write them a personal message or just view the profile. EdTech companies can also be bookmarked and returned to study at a convenient time.

  • How do I watch the channels and the broadcast page?

    The channels consist of 7 parallel streams: Early Development, School Education, Higher Education, Corporate Training, EdTech, EdCrunch Stage with panel discussions, EdCrunch Cases with cases from EdTech companies. Access to the channels appears on the days of your participation in the conference from 09:00 am Moscow time. If you have access for two days, the channels will open at 09:00 on December 7 and close at 18:00 on December 8.

    You can watch the broadcast of events of any channel in real time and switch between them. You can take your time to watch all the events — records will be available throughout the year. It is also possible to view in the background.

  • What is «My Profile»?

    This is a collection of user’s data, including security settings.

  • What is an individual program?

    It is an individual participant's program with selected events. The program has filtering by key positions: date, time, site, format, track, interests. At any time, you can switch to the full program and add additional events to your favorites.

    The events of the program are divided into three types: before the broadcast, during the broadcast and after the broadcast. Depending on the type, the user sees different content on the event page — live broadcast or video recording. During the event, the participant can ask questions to the speakers in real time in the chat on the broadcast page or communicate with other participants in the channel chat.

  • What is an online exhibition of EdTech companies?

    It is an online exhibition of technologies and innovative solutions in education. Get to know EdTech products and their creators, enter into partnerships, and negotiate with suppliers.

  • What is networking?

    This section displays:

    • all conference participants with the ability to write a personal message and filter by key parameters: status, sphere of interests, preferences;

    • selected participants (saved contacts) are users who seemed useful and interesting to you;

    r• ecommended participants are a personalized selection of users who may be of interest to you; they are selected by the online platform's algorithm based on the analysis of all participant profiles;

    • a general chat widget for useful acquaintances and discussion of conferences, speeches and other related topics.

  • What is gamification for?

    Watch events, chat and ask questions. All this will help you earn points and get prizes, from a Storytel subscription to a MacBook Air. The more active you are on the online platform, the more achievement badges you will collect and fill in the progress bar. Detailed information about the gamification system will be stored in the Achievements section.

  • Is it possible to watch performances and communicate with users on a smartphone?

    Yes, all the functionality of the platform will be available in the mobile version of the online platform. The application is not required for this, just log in to the online platform from the browser on your mobile device.

Conference Program
  • Where can I watch the full program?

    On the website of the EdCrunch Glocal conference in the «Program» section. The time of events in the program is displayed according to the Moscow time zone. Every participant can change time settings accordingly to his/her time zone.

  • How do I add an event to an individual program?

    On the «Program» page, click on the «Add to program» button next to the speech you like. To delete an event, click on the same previously activated «Added to the program» button.

  • What should I do if there are several sessions that are interesting for me at the same time?

    A participant can add several sessions that take place at the same time. You will be able to watch some of the events live, and the rest as a record. All videos will be available on the online platform for a year.

  • Will there be a translation of the speeches?

    All the speeches will be broadcast in English, Russian and Kazakh. You can listen both in the original and in translation.

  • Where can I ask questions to speakers during a speech?

    On the channel pages there are general chats for participants and a separate chat for questions to speakers.

  • With whom can I discuss cooperation?

    For sponsorship and partnership issues, please write to partner@edcrunch.ru. For information partnership issues, please contact pr@edcrunch.ru.