Questions and answers

General Issues
  • Where can I see photos from past events?

    A photo archive of past events is available at flickr.

  • Where and how can I get a badge?

    You can get your badge in a special registration area that will be arranged at the Palace Republic, 56 Dostyk avenue and will be working on November 15-16. To get your badge you need to show your printed ticket or e-ticket from your mobile device.

  • How long will the conference video records be available?

    The records of all sessions in three languages will be available at for all participants for 1 year.

  • How do I access the conference videos after the conference is over?

    Video recordings of the 2021 and 2022 conferences can be purchased at link.

  • Are the traveling expenses (airplane/train/bus tickets, transfers and accommodation) included in the free access?

    No. If the participant joins the conference from another city all travel expenses are borne either by the participant himself/herself or his/her employer.

Payment Methods
  • How can I pay with a bank card?

    Step 1.Add to your shopping cart the required number of tickets and fill in the personal information on each participant. If you have a promo code, please enter it to get a discount.
    Step 2. Accept the terms of the offer agreement and click “Continue”.
    Step 3. Enter the payer information, read the payment terms, security and privacy statement and click “Pay by card”.
    Step 4.After transferring the funds you will receive a ticket and a receipt at the email address indicated in the personal information of the payer. The participants will receive an email with login information for

    Please check if you received the email. If you do not receive it within 10 minutes after the purchase, please contact our support chat in the bottom right corner of the website or at

    When purchasing several tickets, make sure to enter correct personal information for each of the participants:

    • Full name will be used to complete the participant’s profile at our online platform, e-ticket and certificate of participation;
    • Email address will become the login to enter the account at
  • How can a company purchase a ticket?

    Step 1.Add to your shopping cart the required number of tickets and fill in the personal information on each participant. If you have a promo code, please enter it to get a discount.
    Step 2.Accept the terms of the offer agreement and click “Continue”.
    Step 3. Enter the payer information, read the payment terms, security and privacy statement and click “Pay by invoice”.
    Step 4. Fill in the information about the company acting as the payer and click “Send”. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the payer.
    Step 5. After making the payment you will receive a ticket, login information for and closing documents.

    Companies from Russia or Kazakhstan are eligible for the above procedure.

    Companies are eligible for a payment under a contract:
    Step 1. Send your company banking details, ticket category and number of tickets required at
    Step 2. Indicate special terms, if any, that shall be included into the contact or send your company contract template.
    Step 3. After finalizing and signing the contract you will receive an invoice.
    Step 4. Upon completing the payment we will send the ticket to your email, login information for and closing documents.

    Both international companies and companies from Russia or Kazakhstan are eligible for the above procedure.

  • What if I am unable to complete the payment?

    An error may occur, if:

    • information from your banking card has been entered incorrectly;
    • there are not sufficient funds on your card.
    • Please check the information entered and retry the payment. If the error occurs again, please contact your bank or us at

Documents and Certificates
  • Where is the ticket I purchased?

    We send your ticket together with a receipt to your email address right after the payment is completed. You can check and download your tickets from the “My Tickets” section in your personal account at

  • How can I get my Certificate of Attendance?

    The Certificate of Attendance will be available within 2 weeks after the conference in the “Certificate of Attendance” section in your personal account at You can download the Certificate in PDF format. To avoid mistakes in the Certificate please check your personal information in your account.

Access and Login to the Online Platform
  • How can I get access to the online platform?

    At the conference website click “Login” in the upper right corner. A log in window will pop up. Enter the login and password that you received after purchasing the ticket.

    If you don’t have an account, you need to:

    • Get a ticket: purchase a suitable ticket category or get a free ticket if you are a state educational institution staff member.
    • After that you will receive an email with login information.
  • What do I need to do if I don’t receive or lose login information for the conference online platform?

    Pick one of the options:

    • After purchasing a ticket, we send an email to the specified email address with a login and password information to enter the platform, therefore please check the mailing lists and the Spam folder of your mailbox or search for all incoming emails received from
    • Use the "Reset Password" function in the authorization form. To do this: go to the conference website, click "Login" in the upper right corner, then select the "Reset Password" button. Follow the instructions. A link to reset your password will be sent to the email address you specified. If you haven't received an email, we also recommend checking your Spam folder or searching for incoming emails received from
    • If the above options are not helpful, please contact online consultant at the website or by phones +7 (495) 374-57-55, +7 (701) 345-75-98 or at

  • What is “My profile”?

    This is your personal profile at the online platform. Same thing as for any social media: photo, interests, messages and contact details.

  • What does networking mean?

    With this group chat you will expand your professional circle of acquaintances, discuss important issues with colleagues and find like-minded people. As a result you will get useful contacts, solve crucial tasks, and potentially work on some joint ventures in the future.

    This section of online platform includes:

    • All conference participants. You may send a private message to a certain participant and filter participants according to: status, interests, preferences;
    • Selected participants — users, that you added to Favorites;
    • Recommended participants — a personalized selection of participants with the same interests: the platform algorithm selects them after complete profile analysis of all participants;
    • Group chat widget for networking and talks about conference, sessions and other related topics.
  • What platform features can I use throughout the year?

    We will save the recordings of all session and they will be available during the whole year. You will have the Networking feature, you conference action history and other EdCrunch projects history will be saved. The upcoming events will be announced at the platform as well.

  • How can I discuss potential partnership?

    Sponsorship or partnership requests: href="">
    Media partnership requests:
    For all other requests:

City Guide
  • Where to stay?

    Hotels of Almaty


    Rixos Almaty ★★★★★

    Accommodation from 140 000 KZT
    3 km from the conference venue

    +7 (727) 300 33 00

    Address: Saken Seifullin Avenue, 506/99


    Royal Tulip ★★★★★

    Accommodation from 140 000 KZT
    5 km from the conference venue

     +7 (727) 300 01 00


    Address: Kerey-Zhanibek khandar street, 401/2


    Grand Sapphire ★★★★

    Accommodation from 30 000 KZT
    1,5 km from the conference venue

    +7 (707) 105 00 37
    +7 (727) 349 35 55

    Address: Dostyk Avenue, 32


    Renion Park Hotel ★★★★

    Accommodation from 30 000 KZT
    2,5 km from the conference venue

    +7 (727) 313 10 12

    Address: Kunaev street, 66


    Resident Hotel Kazybek Bi ★★★★

    Accommodation from 50 000 KZT
    3 km from the conference venue

    +7(777)715 88 55

    Address: Zheltoksan street., 89


    Holiday Inn Almaty ★★★

    Accommodation from 60 000 KZT
    5 km from the conference venue

    +7 (727) 244 02 55

    Address: Timiryazev street, 2d

    Sadu Hotel ★★★

    Accommodation from 45 000 KZT
    7 km from the conference venue

    +7 (727) 313 12 57
    +7 (701) 710 94 49

    Address: Al-Farabi Avenue 128/7


    Renion Residence ★★★★

    Apartment hotel
    Accommodation from 60 000 KZT
    2,5 km from the conference venue

    +7 (707) 810 90 17
    +7 (727) 291 82 44

    Address: Kairbekov street 42


    Almaty ★★★

Accommodation from 27 000 KZT
3 km from the conference venue

    +7 (727) 272 00 70
    +7 (727) 272 00 47
    +7 (701) 428 62 85

    Address: Kabanbai batyr street, 85


    А&G Hotel

    Apartment hotel
    Accommodation from 18 000 KZT
    4 km from the conference venue

    +7 (747) 199 58 23
    +7 (778) 508 35 77
    +7 (727) 308 07 57

    Address:Abylai Khan Avenue, 37

  • Where to eat?

    LUKUM – a modern restaurant serving oriental cuisine.
    Address: Abai Avenue, 17


    Afisha - an original cuisine restaurant that practices a conscious approach to gastronomy.
    Address: Kabanbay Batyr Street, 83


    MÖTE – an atmospheric and cozy place in the very heart of Almaty. High level of service and delicious food.
    Address: Dostyk Avenue, 50


    Daredzhani – a modern restaurant serving Georgian cuisine.
    Address: Kurmangazy Street, 11


    Noodles - a restaurant serving pan-Asian, Turkish and European cuisine. It is located in the building of Hotel ‘Kazakhstan’. 
    Address: Dostyk Avenue, 52/2


    Starbucks – a network of popular coffee shops. One of its branches is located opposite the Hotel ‘Kazakhstan’.
    Address: Alexander Pushkin Street, 118


    Ziyafet Meat House – it is located in the building of Hotel ‘Kazakhstan’.
    Address: Dostyk Avenue, 52/2


    Chaikhana Navat – a restaurant combining oriental culture and modern traditions.
    Address: Dostyk Avenue, 48


    Nedelka – a café in the heart of the city with a pleasant interior and affordable prices. It is a favourite place of the contemporary youth of Almaty.
    Address: Shevchenko Street, 18


    Tsekh – an intelligent restaurant in the center of Almaty.
    Address: Dostyk Avenue, 48/1


    Dickens – a bar with a remarkable atmosphere and steaks.
    Address: Dostyk Avenue, 46


    Lucky You – a restaurant with a taste of modern Asia.
    Address: Dostyk Avenue, 71


    Qaimaq - a restaurant serving traditional Kazakh, Uighur and Uzbek cuisine, with a large terrace and shady garden, aryks and fountains.
    Address: Abay Avenue, 46a


  • What to see?

    Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

    Gorky Park was founded in Almaty in 1856. At first, it was just an area of trees and ornamental plants, and in 1934 the first amusement rides appeared. Today it is a classic municipal leisure park with green alleys, street food stands, a duck pond, merry-go-rounds and other rides for children.

    Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen

    The park is a 10-minute walk from the Green Bazaar. Like Gorky Park, it was created in Almaty in the 19th century. Nowadays it is a large green area where families with children walk.

    Museum of Folk Musical Instruments

    The museum is located right behind the fence of the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. The instruments of the peoples of Kazakhstan and of the countries of Asia, Europe and Africa are on display there. One of the halls is devoted entirely to the kobyz, an ancient Kazakh stringed and bowed musical instrument, and another to local craftsmen and their handicrafts. In each room, music is played on the instruments on display.

    Kok-Tobe Mountain

    The mountain can be reached by cable car. Its lower station is located at 104B, Dostyk Avenue, which runs from the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. The fare for one person is 3,000 KZT. The difference between the lower and upper stations is 250 meters in altitude and 1.5 kilometers in length. It takes six minutes to get to the top of the mountain by cable car, during which time you can see the city from above. In November the trees were mostly bare, but one could see plenty of them in the city.

    Central State Museum of Kazakhstan

    The museum exposition shows different periods in the history of Kazakhstan, starting from prehistoric times. In the hall on the ground floor there are fragments of skeletons of mammoths and other extinct animals, pots and other household items of ancient people.

    Republic Square

    The square was opened in 1980 as the main square of Almaty and has been used as a venue for mass demonstrations, celebrations, holidays, military parades and public festivals. The Monument of Independence is the iconic landmark of the square.

    Botanical Garden

    The Almaty Botanical Garden is one of the most visited and popular recreational areas for the city’s residents. Here you can relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of nature while listening to the trilling of birds. Only a few hundred meters away from the noisy city highways, Al-Farabi and Timiryazev, the air here seems purer. It’s a small paradise in the middle of the southern megalopolis.

    Shymbulak Ski Resort

    3,200 meters above sea level. The resort is unique in its location, as you can get from the center of Almaty city to the top in just 1 hour, where you can have a coffee in the highest altitude bar in the CIS.  The price of the cable car trip is 2,500 KZT per person.

    Medeu High-Altitude Sports Complex Медеу

    The highest altitude skating rink in the world, the Medeu Complex, is located at the edge of the city of Almaty at an altitude of 1,691 meters above sea level. A wonderful view of the peaks of the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains, fresh air, soft sunshine - Almaty residents of all ages and professions love to spend their time here. The Medeu can be reached by taxi and bus number 12. The first bus stop is at Almaty 2 railway station.


    City Of «Nomads»  

    This is an over-realistic setting. This place was built as a backdrop for the movie ‘Nomad’, which was released in 2005. However, you will be surprised at how organically it blends in with the surrounding landscape. It is now often called ‘The Fortress of the Nomads’ and thousands of tourists flock to this tourist attraction on the banks of the Ili River every year.


    TTau-Tas Glamping. Tau-Tas are huts in the mountains near the Ayusai Visitor Centre. It is the perfect place for an informational detox: take a walk to the waterfall, roast marshmallows and gather around the campfire in the evenings. You can relax among the mountains and trees or hike one of three routes: the Japanese Road, the ‘Myn Koz’ (‘Thousand Eyes’) Trail and the first Ayusai Waterfall.


    Menin House is a glamping site located in the Kok-Tobe micro-district. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Almaty. There are four domes in total, each with its own terrace. A dome with a sauna is available for rent.  Each dome has a refrigerator, tea kettle, microwave, sanitary facilities with shower, hygienic supplies, tableware and a TV set.

    Sports and Equestrian Club «Altyn Tai»

    Sports and Equestrian Club ‘Altyn Tai’. The Equestrian Club ‘Altyn Tai’ is located in the Butakovka Gorge, which is 20 minutes’ drive from the city center. There are 8 stables on the territory of the club, which can accommodate 68 horses.

Free participation
  • Who can get a quota for free participation?
    The quota is reserved for representatives of State educational institutions.
  • How to get a quota?
    In order to receive a quota for the EdCrunch 2023 conference, you will need to complete the following steps and submit the required documents:

    In order to receive a quota for the EdCrunch 2023 conference, you will need to complete the following steps and submit the required documents:

    1) Prepare the required document:
    Obtain a certificate of employment with a State educational institution for the last 3 months. This document can be obtained from your organization’s HR department.

    Be careful to check that the document contains the following details:
    • The full name of your organization.
    • The name of the document itself (e.g. ‘Employment Certificate’).
    • The registration number (if applicable).
    • The date of the document.
    • Details of your employment with the organization (position, length of employment).
    • Signature of the CEO of your organization.
    • The organization’s seal.

    2) Upload the document:
    After receiving and checking the document, you should upload it to the EdCrunch 2023 conference registration system. There is a registration form on the conference website, in the ticket section, where you can attach this document.

    3) Complete the registration:
    After the document has been successfully uploaded, complete the registration process for the conference. This usually consists of completing all required personally identifiable information, selecting a ticket, and participating in the event.

    4) Wait for confirmation:
    After completing the registration process, wait for notification from the conference organisers. They will contact you to confirm your participation quota.

    The approval process may take several days to several weeks due to space limitations. The conference administration will therefore select applicants manually.

  • How can you increase your chances of getting a quota?

    You can share your plans to attend the conference on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.
    Here’s how to do it:

    Prepare a post:
    • Write a post sharing your motivations and expectations for attending the EdCrunch X conference. State why you think this event is important for you and your professional activities.

    Create a social media post:
    • Log in to a social media network such as Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki.
    • Create a new publication on your page or profile.

    Share the information:
    • In your post, state that you plan to attend EdCrunch 2023 and what your goals are for the event.
    • Include hashtags related to the conference to make your post more visible.

    Add a link to the post:
    • After publishing, copy the URL (web address) of your post so that you can attach it to the application form.

    Fill in the application form with the link to the post:
    • When filling in the application form for the EdCrunch 2023 conference, find the field where you have to attach a link to your social post.
    • Paste the previously copied link to your post into this field.

    This extra step can help you improve your chances of getting a quota, as conference organizers do consider applications with social media posts. Make sure you

  • How do I become part of the EdCrunch X team?

    Burst into the education revolution! Join education leaders as a volunteer at EdCrunch X!

    We invite you to make a valuable contribution to the future of education and become a volunteer at the most anticipated conference on digital technology in education!

    EdCrunch is a platform where innovators, scientists, educators and professionals from all over the world exchange ideas, create new educational practices and make changes a reality.

    Why you should volunteer for EdCrunch Х:

    • Participation in history-making
    You will be part of a team of people inspired by the way digital technologies are changing the future of education: making it more affordable, more interesting and more modern.

    • A unique experience
    The kind you can write on your CV. You will learn many new ideas, meet industry leaders, find new friends and work in a friendly, inspiring and vibrant environment.

    • New acquaintances with education geniuses
    You will meet interesting people: entrepreneurs, scientists, bloggers and performing artists, and establish lasting, valuable connections

    • Access to events
    When you are not volunteering, you can attend sessions and events at the conference and listen to speakers

    • Contribution to the future
    Your participation will help make the event even more successful, organized, harmonious and interesting

    Join EdCrunch X as a volunteer and breathe life into the future of education!

    Are you ready to be part of our team?
    Fill in the application form and fly with us on this educational journey!