7 December, 12:20 - 13:00
  • Higher education
Panel discussion
Channel 4
HyFlex: Next Level of the Educational Formats in the Digital Age

HyFlex is a hybrid flexible educational format combining offline and online. It has existed long before but the general transfer into distant format of education helped to rethink its benefits and allowed universities to experiment with the format in the new context. Introducing hybrid formats unveils endless possibilities for arranging the teaching process, creating conceptually new programs and courses, expanding cooperation between universities and going global. That is the model of instructional design to be mastered now. During the session speakers will touch upon the experience of designing and introducing hybrid education technologies, as well as the advantages and potential technological, methodological or cultural limitations. Join and learn how to engage offline and online students into the learning process, motivate them and arrange the activities so that the students learning by means of different formats were able to interact.

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