ZERO cloud platform
About the company:

Welcome to the future, where innovations make every school day unique! We won't just provide you with a tool; we'll become your digital partner, helping you automate the business processes of your educational company with flawless efficiency. Our CRM module is more than just a customer tracking system. It's the epicenter of communication, where virtual PBX and WhatsApp Business API come together to create an incredibly convenient environment for lead processing. Calls directly in the browser – like magic, without the need for additional programs. Communication with parents has become a unified channel through the virtual PBX and WhatsApp number, ensuring quality control and complete transparency. And as a bonus – our integration with OpenAI ChatGPT! Your sales managers no longer waste time on mundane questions because ChatGPT takes on real-time responses. It's like your secret assistant, always ready to support, even during non-working hours. Forget about the paperwork hassle with contracts! Our contract management system offers templating and remote signing via SMS. Invoicing and payment reception are now integrated processes in the app, making payment for education, clubs, sections, and meals incredibly convenient. But wait, there's more! We've taken on the task of improving the teacher and staff evaluation process with the 360-degree method, making it more fair and dynamic. If you're already using tools in your work, we'll integrate them with our platform for more convenient resource management. Welcome to the future of education!