About the company:

Jalinga is an international vendor that produces, sells and rents turnkey video studios designed for shooting educational courses, recording lectures or holding webinars. Jalinga Studio is not an ordinary video glassboard, but a full-featured hardware and software system with patented features which are unavailable to analogs. We supply to our clients a complete solution, which allows them to start producing content without any additional settings.

Lighting, sound, background, camera, monitors, computer, glassboard, teleprompter — here at Jalinga we do not skimp on equipment to the detriment of video quality and we pay attention to details. The heart of the Jalinga Studio, its software, is Jalinga's own development, which consists of a presentation editor and a system that supports the process of shooting or broadcasting a video, as well as interacting with the audience. Our software speeds up the video creation process: the presentation is prepared before shooting, so there is no need to hire editing specialists.

What makes Jalinga Studio special is the complete autonomy of the user. He does not need help when recording, because the process of filming is very simple: turn on the studio, start filming, shoot your videos, stop filming. That's all! At the end you don't even need to edit, just choose the best takes and Jalinga will automatically merge everything into one video.

Even users unfamiliar with the technologies or those of an age, such as experienced teachers, will quickly master the studio controls and be able to record lectures or give online lessons on their own. And that's Jalinga's goal — to make technology in education accessible to everyone.

Jalinga's technology is recognized and appreciated all over the world: our studios are already working actively in the USA, the UAE, Mexico, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany and other countries.

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