8 December, 10:00 - 10:40
  • EdCrunch Stage
Channel 1
Episode from Black Mirror: When Are We Going To Be Replaced by Robots?

Robots are fascinating and scary at the same time. The idea that they can exponentially outperform humans and thus become a threat is disturbing. However, they may become a solution to some critical problems of humanity and improve our lives in the ways we cannot even imagine now. AI is already optimising some daily activities of usual people. We interact with it by means of our favourite gadgets and, to the most extent, it decides how we use the Internet. Let’s discuss what our future with robots will be like: will they outperform us and dominate or will they just improve our lives and execute individual requests. Will we ever be ready to entrust our children to machines to educate them? Join the session and see your future together with the futurologist, big data expert and scientist, that follow the technological process and can say how and when the robotic revolution will change the academic world.