Marina Scherbakova

Head of the Master's Program "Pedagogical Design", Moscow State Pedagogical University

Pedagogical designer, academic director of Mbl:Tech blockchain academy, lecturer.

Worked as Director of Methodology and New Product Development at Kodium, pedagogical designer at SkillFactory Business Development Department, specialist at Psychometrics Department at National Research University Higher School of Economics (development of simulation test tools), head of development team of Allotrop:Reaction educational MMO RPG for children, director of Tula methodological center, worked as computer science teacher for over 10 years.

Solves complex problems in education based on Evidence Centered Design, research, product approach and cognitive sciences. Develops educational products: programs, digital games.

She spoke at the European Conference on Educational Games (ECGBL, Brighton, 2020).

She has a number of publications in Russian and international editions.