Yuri Kvyatkovsky

Theater Director and Actor, Masterskaya Brusnikina

A graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre School's Dmitry Brusnikin course.

Assistant artistic director of the Praktika theater. A teacher at the Moscow Art Theatre School (workshop of Dmitriy Brusnikin, since 2006).

One of the founders of the independent creative group Le Cirque de Sharles La Tannes.

Among his best known projects are: "Cops on Fire" (Le Cirque de Sharles La Tannes), "That's Me Too. Verbatim", "Skid" (nominated for the Russian national theater award "Golden Mask" in seven nominations), "Border State" (Praktika theater), "A Doll's House" (Asylum Comedian Theater; nominated for the award "Golden Mask" in four nominations), "Normansk" (nominated for the "Golden Mask" award as part of the Experiment), "Swan" (CIM), "Zarnitsa" (winner of the national theater award "Golden Mask" in two nominations).