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For more than 40 years, LEGO® Education has been working with teachers and education professionals to collaboratively create practical STEAM educational solutions.

Our solutions arouse students' interest in physics, technology, computer science, mathematics and humanities.

With educational kits, educational materials and applications, we make the learning process inspiring and motivating and at the same time also help teachers achieve their educational goals effectively

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7 December, 15:40 - 16:20
  • School education
Case session
Channel 7
STEAM Education: Improving Educational Performance and Equiping With Essential Skills of the XXI Century

According to Education Commission, by 2030 half of young people, that is 800 million people, potentially will not hold an essential set of skills...

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  • LEGO® Education
1 December, 11:57 - 11:58
  • Higher education
  • Corporate training
Panel discussion

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  • LEGO® Education
  • EF Education First