Asha Alexander

Principal and CEO GEMS Legacy School, Dubai Executive Leader Climate Change at GEMS Education, UAE

Asha Alexander is Principal at GEMS Legacy School, Dubai and Executive Leader of Climate Change at GEMS Education. With 35 years of experience in the provision of education to K-12 students, she has overseen the school’s transition to an exclusively digital curriculum.

Passionate, driven to achieve aspirational goals and ready to take on any challenge, she believes in nurturing students’ hearts and minds and is particular about a value-based education. She is excited by the prospect of watching every child achieve his or her potential.

Ms. Alexander is a UN certified Climate Change Leader and has made presentations at COP 25 and 26 and other international conferences and has conducted workshops on leadership, and change management for schools in India and UAE. She has led the school’s Twinning Program with 87 schools enabling schools to develop partnerships around the world to embed the SDGs. Currently she has established GEMS Hub Schools for Sustainability in Italy, Indonesia, Malawi and India and is working with the Ministry of Education in UAE to bring Climate Literacy to schools in the UAE.

Performances of the speaker
16 November, 11:00 - 11:50
Hotel Kazakhstan, Grand Ballroom
  • School education
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