Andrey Komissarov


Andrey is one of the key figures in the digital transformation of education in Russia.

For more than 15 years Andrey has been working on the methodology of higher and school education. He is the author of the pedagogical methodology for universities "Educational Data Engineering" (implemented in 35 universities throughout Russia), the methodology "Adaptive educational design based on motivation" (implemented in 15 schools throughout Russia) and "Matrix of behavioural and meta-cognitive diagnostics" (a fully automated online diagnostic system, which has been used by more than 120,000 students of different ages over the past 4 years).

In Russia and abroad, Andrey is also known for his expertise in gamification of learning. He has developed and released over 130 commercially marketed educational games and has been a keynote speaker at numerous game-based training courses at universities in Russia, Europe and the CIS.

As a father of four, Andrey founded a successful private school (grades 1‒11), which focuses on project-based learning, gamified disciplines, personalised learning methods and the practice of mutual mentoring.

Andrey is a passionate and charismatic speaker, and speaks annually at more than 40 conferences in Russia and abroad.

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