16 November, 16:00 - 16:50
Hotel Kazakhstan, Grand Palace
  • Higher education
Case session
Channel 6
Individualized education: student proactivity and self-realization

What can be done to educate tens of thousands of students, each with their own individual curriculum and the ability to adjust their educational path during their time at university? There is no way around it without platform solutions that allow processes to be automated. The system of organizing the educational process and the distribution of teachers’ workload requires a major restructuring. Why does the university need this? The main question, however, is whether students are ready to make an informed choice about their educational path. During the case session, we will discuss who is responsible for the quality of a professional’s education in this case? What do students choose: an easy route to higher education or are they willing to face difficulties to get a well-paid job? What is the best way to organize support for students and motivate them to achieve better results?

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