Ben Furman

Psychiatrist, author and teacher of solution-focused therapy and coaching, co-director of the Helsinki Institute of Short-term Therapy., Finland

Specialization of Dr. Furman includes both inpatient and outpatient work in adult psychiatry as well as an outpatient work in child psychiatry. In 1986 Dr. Furman was accredited by the Finnish ministry of health as "specialist in psychiatry", in 1995 as a psychotherapist and as a trainer of psychotherapy in 2007.

Together with Tapani Ahola Ben established the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute in 1986. The institute is IASTI certified and provides training in solution-focused therapy and coaching. Ben and Tapani have developed over the years several tools based on solution-focused psychology. These include the coaching method Reteaming, Kids’ Skills, which is a solution-focused approach to helping children overcome problems, Cooperation, a training program for teaching solution-focused communication skills to teams in companies and organizations, and Steps of Responsibility, a step-by-step protocol for helping young people to apologize and to take responsibility for their wrongdoings.

In 1984 Ben became the founding editor of the Finnish Journal of Family Therapy published by the Finnish Association of Mental Health and acted in this role for a number of years.
In 1998 he started hosting a weekly psychological talk-show on Finnish national TV. The show aired for 8 years and covered over 200 episodes.

Ben’s books have been translated to over 20 languages, among them are "Never too late to have a happy childhood", "Hosting Therapeutic Conversations", "Kids’ Skills: playful and practical solution-finding with children

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15 November, 13:00 - 13:50
Palace of the Republic, Concert Hall
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15 November, 16:00 - 16:50
Palace of the Republic, Room for Mentors
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Mentoring Hour with Ben Furman

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