24 November, 18:00 - 19:00
Palace of the Republic, Concert Hall
  • EdCrunch Stage
A play
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The Brain: Beginning

“The Brain: Beginning” is fusion of a performance and a lecture about a man and literally his diverse inner life. Are we the masters of our brain and other body parts? To what extent they define our personality, how they affect our work, relations and mood? Can you lose weight or break bad habits if you realise what’s your body going through? These questions and answers to them will be the essence of the performance based on the bestseller by Asya Kazantseva “How the brain makes us do stupid things?” This is the first part of a theatrical trilogy. The characters among which are research scientists and ordinary people with the help of metaphors and clear illustrations start an exciting popular science dialogue with the audience. ‘The Brain: Beginning’ will be genuinely experimental conclusion to EdCrunch Reload.

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Palace of the Republic, Concert Hall
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