23 November, 11:05 - 11:30
Palace of the Republic, Concert Hall
  • EdCrunch Stage
Channel 1
Perception Matters: How to See Differently

Uncertainty is the fundamental challenge we all face as individuals and organisations. Great people, leaders and educators are successful when they are able to thrive in the very place we evolved to hate: In not knowing. But how? Beau Lotto will explain it by creating a culture of adaptability that is grounded in perceptual intelligence, since it’s only in understanding how you see what you do that you and your teams have the possibility to see differently.

Dr. Beau Lotto and his Lab of Misfits are running an experiment on all those who attend this session. It’s called ""Looking Back”. The experiment explores the framework by which you make decisions and the relationship between what motivates you when facing uncertainty. To take part in the experiment you should answer 4 questions by this link https://www.labofmisfits.com/experiments/kazakhstan. Dr. Lotto will present the results during this keynote.

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Palace of the Republic, Concert Hall
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