16 November, 17:00 - 17:50
Hotel Kazakhstan, Grand Palace
  • Higher education
Panel discussion
Channel 6
The changing role of the teacher in higher education: from the introduction of technologies to a new division of labor

The key role of a teacher in the educational process is undisputed. And even a highly developed generative artificial intelligence cannot take over all the functions of a teacher. Nevertheless, the digital transformation of universities has a significant impact on the role and activities of the teacher. The introduction of new technologies leads to a reduction in the routine work of a teacher (giving lectures, checking students’ work, etc.) and frees up time for activity-based learning formats and the creative component of the teaching and learning process. This creates new roles in the university that provide support functions, while the teacher becomes the director of the teaching and learning process and the designer of the educational environment. What is the best way to choose digital technologies for the actual pedagogical tasks? What is the best way to keep students’ attention in the digital environment? What tools can be chosen to ensure objective assessment of student learning outcomes? This and much more will be covered in the panel discussion.

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