24 November, 14:00 - 14:50
Hotel Kazakhstan, Grand Palace
  • Higher education
Panel discussion
Channel 6
Neurotechnologies in Higher Education: New Knowledge, New Infrastructure, New Projects

EEG, eye-tracking, bio-bracelet and other methods of tracking people's personal reactions have already become a reality for leading universities. Designing new software, launching infrastructure neurocenters, developing business projects and startups - all that is the new reality of universities in 2030. Join the session to discuss how thorough work on psychophysiological data collection and interpretation can help to identify a student's neurocognitive profile, bring a high-quality personalization to education and optimize brain resources while learning. Together with the experts from University Consortium of Big Data Researchers and a network of university neurolabs we will try to understand how merging this information with big data creates a new ecosystem and what opportunities this opens up for universities.

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