23 November, 16:00 - 16:50
Palace of the Republic, Magzhan Zhumabaev
  • School education
Expert session
Channel 5 (practice)
Conflict and Bullying: How Spot the Signs and Put An End To School Bullying

Oppression, or bullying, has probably existed throughout the history of mankind and social life. The phenomenon of bullying lies at the intersection of personal, social and clinical psychology. This topic is especially actively debated as part of the educational psychology, yet for the CIS countries it has become relevant just recently. Meanwhile, about 50% of children become victims of bullying, and one third of schoolchildren do not report about these cases. Join the session and together with experts try to figure out how to spot the signs of bullying, tell the difference between conflict and bullying, and find tools that will change destructive behavior patterns.

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Palace of the Republic, Concert Hall
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