16 November, 14:00 - 14:50
Hotel Kazakhstan, Grand Palace
  • Higher education
Channel 6
Generative Artificial Intelligence: provocateur, facilitator or driver of development?

Generative Artificial Intelligence is having a major impact on the education sector, and we can already see its disruptive effect on the traditional system of grading and checking student work in universities. But there is a flip side: GAI has the potential to become an irreplaceable assistant to the teacher and a tool for creating interesting assignments for students. It is capable of taking over the routine work, thus freeing up time for joint creative work between teacher and student. During the roundtable we will discuss the opportunities and constraints of using the GAI in universities. We will see how higher education can coexist harmoniously with the GAI, while improving teaching methods and ways of managing the learning process. We will discuss strategies for collaboration between teachers and AI for more effective teaching and scientific activity. Together with leading experts, we will forecast the future of education in the age of generative artificial intelligence.

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