24 November, 15:00 - 15:50
Palace of the Republic, Concert Hall
  • EdCrunch Stage
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Ages&Stages: Understanding a Teen Brain

Teenagers are these unusual people stuck in between two worlds: not longer kids, and not yet adults. They can hardly understand themselves, and adults next to them often feel ill at ease. One of the misconceptions among parents is to start acting as if teenagers are already adult people and believe that they think the same way. When you are a teenager, childish and mature thinking mix up and interchange like a strobe light at a disco party. One day you behave as a sensible person, and the next minute bounce off the walls. There is one biological reason behind it. The human brain continues to develop into early adulthood, and adolescence is the period of its most active development, yet the brain is not mature enough to effectively cope with significant social, emotional and cognitive changes. Therefore, teenagers tend be impulsive, misunderstand or misinterpret social cues and emotions, and engage in dangerous or risky behaviour. Join the session and try to figure out, with the help of brain science, what happens to people during adolescence and how to build healthy adult-adolescent relationships.

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Palace of the Republic, Concert Hall
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